“Nicole has been treating my 13 year old Golden Retriever for a few months now. He greats Nicole with a wagging tail and gives her one of his prized soft toys. Without a doubt, the treatment and care that he receives has ensured that he has a good quality of life. In all honesty, without Nicole’s intervention we might not still have him, as we couldn’t have watched him suffer. Nicole is professional, reliable, friendly and very kind.” Karen and Benson.

“I first met Nicole in my practice, Chorley vets, where I was a first-year veterinary nurse. My French bulldog prince, who is the love of my life, was having to undergo bi-lateral Patella luxation correction surgery. The surgery was a success, but the hardest part I knew would be the recovery and I needed Nicole’s knowledge and expertise to ensure my boy had the best chance of recovery. I arranged for her to come to my home and start the lengthy physio process with prince and he immediately took to her warm and patient ways. Prince could not even bend his stifles (knees) at the very beginning but we worked incredibly hard on him with a fantastic success story.  I had 1 session per week, and we started with some very light work as he was having to learn how to use his legs again. I had to do the exercises every day to ensure that his strength and range of movement was improving weekly, then we could try some more challenging exercises. Frenchie’s are very stubborn, and prince proved this a few times. Nicole had so much patience with him which really reassured me as an owner, and I could see him improving and becoming more like he used to be before surgery. My goal, which I spoke to Nicole about, was to be able to take him on a walk up to the lakes like I use to do. I think the goal helped to keep me on track as it was a stressful time for me, and by Christmas we had reached our goal and managed a 10-mile walk in the lakes. She had some great ideas for exercises, and I did everything she asked. I spent around 5 months with Nicole, and I can honestly say that my boy would not have made the recovery he has if it hadn’t of been for her knowledge and dedication. I would highly recommend her to any of our clients in my practice without a shadow of a doubt. She is worth her weight in gold and my dog is the happy (sometimes grumpy) go lucky boy I had prior to his surgery.” Estelle and Prince’s Story.

“I have always believed first impressions matter a great deal. Right from the first conversation with Nicole she was knowledgeable, keen and professional. At the time we were in a desperate situation with our puppy having post-operative complications, that almost resulted in the loss of a leg. Nicole’s hard work, guidance and patience, coupled with the fact that her physiotherapy treatment could take place in our home has completely turned things around. Our once severely disabled pup is now starting to lead a full and active life. Thank you so much, Karl, Julie and Raz."